Keep It Real : Why We’re Afraid To Speak Up and What To Do About It!

An Out-Of-The-Box Approach To Have More Meaningful Discussions 

If you’ve ever wanted to have more meaningful conversations or be a more engaged listener, consider joining us! You will learn to how to create a safe space for people to say what needs to be said and how to communicate in a more heartfelt way.

In this highly informative session you’ll discover: 

  • What it means to create an environment for someone to speak safely
  • How to better articulate what you want to say
  • What to do when you’re not sure what to say

Successful communication in familial, business and personal relationships will contribute significantly to our happiness and well-being. When we are misunderstood or misunderstand another, things get uneasy and uncomfortable. The time it takes to recover from a statement taken in the wrong context can be hours, days or years. So much time wasted over simple words.

How Build Your Bu$iness With A Book:

An Inspirational Book Publishing Formula For Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs

Have been told you have a great story and ought to publish a book but don’t know where to start? Then this is for you! A book can be a vehicle to give back to your community or an excellent way to separate you from your competition.

In this highly informative session you’ll discover: 

  • Why you ought to consider writing your story as a book for business
  • How you can publish a book in as little as ten weeks
  • Creative ways to leverage your book

With so many entrepreneurs and business professionals having at least one book in them, what keeps them from publishing? Some start then get distracted. Others begin second-guessing their expertise and can convince themselves no one will want to read their material. Every story matters! Imagine how comfortable people would be doing business with you if they knew why you got into your business! A book can be the key to new clients, speaking opportunities and plethora of material for repurposing.

Blogs, Books & Speeches:

Mission-Based Communication For Solopreneurs

 Do you consider yourself a writer? If you publish blogs or give speeches, you know what it is like to write, however, do your words consistently convey your mission? People are more likely to resonate with you if they know why you got into your business. Telling your backstory will inspire others to take action.

In this highly informative session you’ll take away:

 How to infuse your mission into your writing and speaking

  • Creative ways to provoke a reaction with your material
  • How to help your audience “tune in” to your message

How much of what you read or hear is original material? Chances are, not very much. What sets content apart is the person delivering it and your desire to pay attention it. Timing is everything. When you’re ready for a “light bulb moment” the material you’ve heard before takes on new meaning. It’s like you’re tuning in for the first time.


Heal Your Past From The Stage & The Page:

How To Share Your Wisdom, Forgive & Thrive

 Telling your story and inspiring others to take action is a great a business tool but it can also be a spiritual experience! Imagine the freedom of you’d feel in every talk you give and, every blog/book you write when you are authentic and unashamed of your journey. The more you speak and write, the clearer your mission gets and the more liberated you become.

In this highly informative session you’ll take away:

  •  The secret to taking your intent to the next level
  • How to use a personal story as a business tool and a release mechanism
  • Language techniques to increase your impact

Many entrepreneurs and business professionals set their intent before they speak to nail their talk. Before they write set an intention to provide unique content that will captivate their readers. By shifting your approach to how you set an intention, you can significantly impact the outcome of any body of work you produce.


Which Book Do I Write & Where Do I Start:

A Guide To Writing Inspirational Stories For Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs

 Have you been holding off on writing your first book because:

  1. 1) You don’t know where to start?
  2. 2) You think it takes too much time (that’s because you don’t know where to start)?
  3. 3) Don’t think you can do it.
  4. 4) Don’t believe anyone will read your book?

In this highly informative session you’ll take away:

 ANYONE who can make the commitment can write their first book

  • How to figure out which story to tell and where to start the story
  • How to outline your book and each chapter
  • How much time you need to from conception to copies in hand

Have you learned a few lessons the hard way? Want to inspire others with what you’ve learned? You’ve probably been giving people advice for years. A book gives you greater reach and offers people the insight into what makes you tick and why.

A book is also a great business tool but what if it became a spiritual experience and allowed you to put the past behind you? Documenting your experience provides material to repurpose for years to come, a profound clarity of purpose and leaves a legacy.



The Motivation Mindset:

How To Get More With Le$$

 Working with a genuine “dream team” is something every manager in every organization wants. Shrinking budgets and increasing workloads will impact moral and challenge even the best manager to keep a team inspired. Join us and learn how to create a culture of collaboration.

In this highly informative session you’ll take away:

 The difference between motivation & inspiration and why it matters

  • The most cost-effective way to invest in your team
  • What a three-year-old can teach you about communication
  • A better understanding of non-team like behavior

Rarely do we accomplish anything alone; we need the support of our team. The challenge – everyone isn’t on the same page! Collaboration and engagement are key to accomplishment. Join us for out of the box strategies to start getting more impactful results immediately.


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