Before I worked with Leslie I was really hard on myself… I was the only person I discounted. Then Leslie took me through her transformational process and I was blown away with the results. For the first time ever after speaking on a stage to a group of 125 entrepreneurial women I did not have a single critical thought about my performance. She really is The Empowering Story Whisperer!

Marge Piccini
Life & Legacy Design



 My first encounter with Leslie provided me a sense of warmth, love and compassion immediately upon entering the sacred space. Leslie’s uniqueness is deeply present in her work and she helps to engage the youthful spirit of each client through her practice with a smile.

‪The value of her work is priceless. Leslie exemplifies and embodies all that she teaches. Her genuine, personable, and hard working nature shows in everything she does. Her spirit is deeply connected to the earth and her energy is contagious.

‪Leslie is an author, dynamic inspirational speaker, and motivational life coach. I am honored to know such an extraordinary woman.

Camilla Ross, President

Emerson Theater Collaborative



‪Leslie elegantly and eloquently carries the shamanic healer in her DNA, she is a gift to be treasured.

Karen Sands

Go-to GeroFuturist 4 Ageless Generations, Author-Keynote, Executive Master & Mentor Coach For Women, Boomerpreneurs, Those Serving 40+


 I had lost my faith and trust in Spirit. I had just suffered the loss of my younger sister, my only sibling and had just lost my job.

Leslie gave me hope and lifted my spirits. After our session, I felt 100% better. I knew my healing had begun on a new level and I was able to trust again.

Thank you, Leslie!

Nancy Greene, AZ


 Leslie is an amazing woman. She is grace and dignity in essence and can help you find the same in you as you choose healing for yourself. Whether it is her healing work, speaking or holding a space for you to find yourself, we recommend her highly.

Pat Caffrey

Angelic Council and Healers of LIGHT


In my not so distant past, I was suffering within my spirit as I was transitioning through some challenging major life events. I decided to search for a way to raise my vibration. When I first met Leslie, I sensed an immediate connection and I decided that I wanted to work with her. Every session resulted in the miracle of powerful breakthroughs. She provides necessary sacred space that has allowed me to achieve inner peace, clarity, and forgiveness. I could breathe more consciously with presence and found that my words just flow out from my heart and soul. Additionally, Leslie’s books have given me insights to understand my feminine intuitiveness. I have welcomed and embraced the involuntary tears of release and reclamation. I could not have done this without the help of Leslie, thank you very much!

Karen O’Leary, CT

Qivana Independent Business Owner



 I had been afraid of success all my life. After many years of deliberate, fear-based self-sabotage, my Spirit longed for a voice, and begged me to manifest the happiness I deserved. After completing this session with Leslie, I felt connected with my higher purpose. Since then, I have never been more energized or excited about my future. Now that I have released my attachment to the fear of success, I am much more confident, and approach every facet of my life with the heart-based desire to serve by following my passion. The difference is thrilling; I am making great strides each and every day. And it was what I learned from Leslie that made all the difference!

Jennifer M. Emerson, CT

Actress, Novelist, and Singer