I’ve grown more aware of how to strengthen my presence to better engage people I meet. I’m learning how to create a successful presentation, a skill I’ve long-wished to develop. And overall, I feel more confident and excited about the whole notion of putting myself in front of people, a huge step for me (since previously, I would’ve preferred dropping through the floor rather than face a crowd expecting me to lead a talk!).

Leslie, thank you for your friendship and for believing in me when I did not believe in myself. I was broken and you brought me the gift of healing and I will always be grateful.

Michele DeLima, CT
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 “Leslie helped me hone in on the true message of my heart, and helped me put some key words and points to that message. Her ability to see through the fog (of my brain!) and refine my message to help me be as clear and direct as possible and, therefore, to inspire and motivate these women was something I desperately needed. If you are looking to find your hearts message, or looking to polish your ability to communicate that message, I can’t say enough good things about hiring Leslie. She is a total Godsend!”

Alicia Daw

Alicia Ann Photographers 


 ‪Leslie Karen Hammond is a dedicated professional who inspires and mentors members in the not-for-profit and profit arena. She presents information in a clear, concise manner that is easy to comprehend and implement. Whether it is a single session or multiple sessions, attendees will be challenged and motivated to succeed.

Cecelia Sullivan, CT

Care Partner & Family Advocate



 I knew it was time for me to move beyond my fear of public speaking. I am often “forced” into speaking to groups due to leadership roles and work. I can see myself grow with confidence at every session. I felt like wonder woman looking in the mirror during our first session. I now have the ability to acknowledge my awesomeness, which has led me to become a more confident speaker.

I wouldn’t be such a confident, head held high, clear speaking woman I am today without my mentor, Leslie, thank you.

Deb McGrath, CT



 Leslie Karen Hammond recently completed a term as President of the Southeastern Connecticut Women’s Network. As a board member I appreciated her collaborative and encouraging leadership style. One accomplishment under Leslie’s stewardship was growth both in the number and the diversity of our membership. The Network also has become more engaged with a wider variety of other community organizations, and co-sponsored community events. This has raised awareness in Southeastern Connecticut about our organization and its benefits.

Carol Burgess, CT

Division Leader, Primerica



 ‪Leslie is a true creative force. She is a master at developing community. She is not only intuitive and visionary; she is also practical and down to Earth. I have observed Leslie as a leader, a facilitator, and a student. I look forward to continuing to work with her for many years.

Christy Pyatt, CT

Teacher at Heart – Adjunct Professor, Volunteer, Advocate



 ‪As Dept. Area Governor for Toastmasters, I reported directly to Leslie when she was acting Area Governor. Leslie is an outstanding speaker, excellent mentor and a very competent and intuitive leader. Working along side her is always a positive experience. We have also worked together in the construction industry; her professionalism shines there too.

Elizabeth Peterson, CT

Programs Engineer at Dominion



 ‪As a past president of Southeast Connecticut Women’s Network, I continue to attend board meetings and enjoy observing the leadership style that each unique leader brings to the organization.

‪Leslie is a contemplative leader and thinker, brought a unique aspect in that she not only established an environment that enabled the board to accomplish tasks at hand, but she also encouraged each board member to continue to grow, both personally and in their board role, as they served the organization. Her focus on community, both in leading the board and the organization as a whole, brought a sense of inclusion to those involved.

‪Leslie is a proponent of mentoring and serving others. Following her term as president, Leslie has continued to give back as a mentor to members, offering personal development and leadership opportunities to those interested in growing.

Connie Plessman, CT

Retired, Visiting Assistant Professor Emerita/Academic Coordinator at So Illinois University


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