Keep It Real is much more than an invitation to acknowledge what keeps you silent. You will gain a profound sense of self, achieve clarity on how you process information and awaken your compassion for others. When you are ready to start speaking your truth, it will provide tools to prepare you for the conversation. The journey begins with understanding the emotional charge behind why you communicate the way you do. Once you see how lifelong communication patterns were formed, you’ll be better equipped to tune into to what people are saying versus what they truly mean. Having this profound perspective into the human condition will impact the way you communicate in personal and professional circles. This book will help you reemerge as the best version of you the world has yet experience and help you support others to feel worthy of being heard. In the process, everyone you interact with will feel appreciated and better understood.   Purchase Here On Amazon



Women Rising is an invitation to see your journey up until this moment in a new light. You are capable of embracing your past and recognizing it as the foundation of who you are today. You are solid, strong and timeless. Every story has the ability to empower or deflate you. When you transform each life event into a teaching moment, you release the attachment to the past and make room for the future. Are you ready to give yourself permission to thrive and step into all you’re capable of? A must read for all women and highly recommended for the men who support them! Leslie has been helping women find their voice and use it for over 16 years. These pages contain many of the tools she uses. The slightest shift in perspective can make a world of difference and break the cycle of unworthiness and silent suffering. Purchase Here On Amazon


A guide to empower people to step beyond old patterns, old beliefs, and into their dreams. Tap Your Source is a guide to managing your way through those major “Transitions” in life where everything changes. The occasion may be losing your job, separating from a partner, death of a loved one …whatever the trigger; it is time to reassess your life, what you are doing, and what you want. This book is a guide to help you get to the core of what you are all about. You are invited to consider the following:

  • Have I learned to harness the power of a positive strong belief?
  • How can I embrace my gifts?
  • Do I hold myself accountable for my dreams?
  • What does it mean to harness the power of my intent?
  • Do I think of surrender as a negative term?

This is not just a book; it is a course in managing your way through a major life transition. Purchase Here On Amazon


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