Leslie is a Nationally Known Author, Inspirational Speaker and Medicine Woman. She is an expert in helping her clients trust their intuitive abilities while applying every experience to the message they are meant to bring the world.  She is the creator of the Embrace Your Inner Visionary Formula, a 5-step system to create ownership of your knowledge on a cellular level so you recognize how prepared you already are to serve your community. By converting knowledge to wisdom, Leslie helps you learn to use your voice and spread your message.

For the past 17 years Leslie has been working in the self-development and spiritual realms to transform the challenges in her life so she may be of greater service to those who struggle with acceptance of their capabilities and worthiness issues at a core level.

Prior to this Leslie spent 27 years in the construction industry learning to navigate her place in a male dominated industry. At that time she was one of a handful of project managers and was recognized as a Woman of Fire by the Lieutenant Governor in the State of CT. Yet while Leslie was helping clients build safe havens to call home, she struggled in her own life to feel safe.

Surviving a near death experience that claimed the life of her mother among other challenges, she has learned to thrive in spite of great odds. Leslie’s time in the trenches help her relate to people on a very intimate level.

Leslie’s clients refer to her as a master ceremonialist; her ability to create and hold a sacred space for people to transform is extraordinary. Leslie is Native American; the Medicine Woman for the Croatan Nation, she has studied with shamans in US and Peru and is a certified Karuna Reiki Master.

A three-time published author, she is a sought-after speaker who presents nationally and a leader in her community. She also serves on the board of Girl Scouts of CT.  She is happily married to her soul mate, Mark and has a son, Josh.

Leslie believes and operates from the perspective of:

  • Every experience has the ability to empower you
  • You are an expert in your own right
  • Every experience can be spiritual
  • You are intuitive
  • You have a unique gift to make the world a better place
  • A new perspective changes everything
  • Your story matters
  • You are worthy of whatever you desire
  • You can speak your truth without being hurtful
  • Anyone can overcome unworthiness

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