“I Am Still In Awe Of What Happened Between Us!”

You met me “in the moment” and understood exactly what I needed most. You were able to support me deeply and instantly, and you took me to places that I had never been before. I felt a deep connection with myself.

It was though I went outside of myself and stretched into places that felt very exciting and very inviting and nurturing. There, I felt very safe, as though this unexplored space had been calling to me all along. Almost magically I stepped into being more of me.

When our time together was ending, I melted into your arms with a hug meant for me along with a warm smile and your thoughtful expression.

Our time together is something I will never forget. You met me and guided me into a deeper meaning of me that I couldn’t sense clearly until you brought me there! It was a fast-forward glimpse of the “me” that I am becoming!

Thank you, Leslie! I am very grateful! I wish that all women could experience this personalized incredible time and space and place, through you!


Kathleen Mitchell, RI

Nourish Your Needs & foodGEVITY


Hello Light Giver,

I came to the Women’s Wisdom Circle to replenish my energy and gain further insight on which direction I should be taking next. What I left with after the circle was much, much more than that. I have this overwhelming sense of all the sources of power around me. I am enjoying this space of tranquility and light and understanding. Thank you for all you do, Leslie!

Eileen Williams, CT

President of Photizo Consulting Inc


I had the opportunity to meet an amazing woman named Leslie Karen Hammond. She is an author of 3 very empowering books and a Native American Shaman. In the short time that I spent with her and the circle of women, she was able to teach/enlighten me on some very important things about myself and others.

If you feel like you are in some kind of state of feeling lost/confused or down trodden, going through some kind of transition, or feeling this sense of isolation from people around you or loved ones, do yourself a favor and go online and buy one of her books or better yet meet this woman.

Take the time to learn more about yourself, letting go of your own expectations for you or friends and family and your expectations of your personal journey.

Ashley Mullen, NY

Sales Consultant, NY Life & Mainstay Investments


Leslie made the writing process move smoothly and easy, people are amazed at how quickly I’ve finished the project.

The writing was wonderfully intense! Initially resisted telling my own story but it was very therapeutic. I did a lot of healing and processing by allowing the words to get down on the page. Having a structure to follow made all the difference in me creating the book; I had the freedom to focus on the writing instead of the technical parts. Not having to figure it out on my own saved me so much time!

I am so grateful for Leslie and her support of me through this life changing process, I feel like I could’ve never done it without her.

Tricia McAvoy, CT

Trish Bliss and Blissworks Yoga & Healing Arts


I’m feeling so grateful that the bones of my story– this book that’s been in me forever– is now arriving on the page! First, just the ease of beginning and the guidance that feels so easy is a refreshing sensation! I’m used to feeling blocked because of the barriers I’ve set up for myself in the past.
Second, the positive feedback and acknowledgment from you that my story matters, simply because it’s my story, was a total breakthrough realization. I am ready to share my life’s work and the story of my life with my ideal reader because I feel like I know her now. She is my mirror, on a path to health, and she wants the formula that has worked for me. I can speak to her as I write this book and she loves every word because she’s been looking for solutions too.
I want to pour myself out and I feel like I can be authentically me the whole time because of this permission to share and the book process format. I don’t have to DO it and take care of it because it’s emerging, flowing in a process of ease. I’m so grateful I wish that I had discovered this process of sharing my book with the world years ago because that’s how long I’ve been waiting to get my words on paper. Thank you, Leslie!

Amy Andrews Payleitner, Indiana

The Feel Good Again Health Detective


Deep down I’ve wanted to write a book but told myself “I’m not a writer.” I busted my own myth when I spoke to Leslie. I confessed that not only did I want to write, but also that I had 5 books in my head.

It’s all well and good admitting it to yourself and then to someone else, but how on earth do you, find the time to write, actually know what to write and get over writer’s block?

I want to end by saying this about Leslie, a few times when I’ve shown up with my tail between my legs, and feeling some level of guilt on “that ONE thing I haven’t done”, she’s able to turn it around so that within moments I’m excited at the book content I’m creating.

Leslie thank you!

Jenny Kovacs, United Kingdom

The Queen of Being Seen


After reading book, after book, after book in my area of expertise I started getting frustrated. They were still too technical and not many-addressed service based businesses in anything more than a passing way. I thought ‘no wonder most business owners feel like they have to solely rely on the numbers people; bookkeeper, accountants and CPAs’. I met Leslie and I knew this was my opportunity and the right opportunity to actually write my book. I was very skeptical at first, which had more to do with my ability to write it than Leslie’s ability to guide me.

While I set out to write my book to help others, I’m the one who’s being helped the most through the process. I am blown so away at how much I’ve been able to stitch together all those pieces and parts I’ve accumulated over the years with Leslie’s help. Funny how little the pieces and parts didn’t seem to have anything to do with my area of expertise but had so much to do with the book! I came to understand that as I stayed open to the process, the book would become exactly what it needs to be. I’ve learned to trust and let go of my preconceived notions. Most importantly, I’ve learned to trust not only myself but my inner voice.

Without Leslie’s help, my book would’ve become another piece of technical writing sitting on a shelf gathering dust and not making a huge impact like I know it will.

Lisa Humphrey, Colorado

Your Profit Catalyst