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Looking for a spiritual community who understands the transformation process and won’t judge you because they GET IT?  In southeastern CT once a month, we gather to celebrate our personal triumphs and send love & light to those we care about. Check out details here.  Dates for upcoming fires:


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This sacred gathering of women is a unique combination of meditation, reflection, and powerful intent. We incorporate rattling and/or drumming to bring the spirit into balance. Be sure to check for updates, we also do circles across the country. Upcoming CT circle dates:




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Energy Independence Day; Creating Peace From The Drama That Drains You!

Over the course of your life, you have formed many physical, emotional and energetic attachments. All were necessary at one time, but you’ve grown since. Fully stepping into the next phase of your personal development requires bringing your attention to what you are still holding onto that keeps your challenge in one of two places: at the forefront or somewhere in the unconscious mind.

This workshop will cut an energetic tie of your choosing to something or someone who energetically drains you.

People who have experienced this process have said:

> Feeling grounded, clear and excited for what’s next instead of sad, stuck and powerless

> I now feel a sense of peace and knowing I am on the right path.

> Every session resulted in the miracle of powerful breakthroughs from achieving inner peace to clarity, and ultimately, forgiveness.

> I have this overwhelming sense of all the sources of power around me. I am enjoying this space of tranquility and light and understanding.

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