Every month women come together to sit in a sacred space and simply “be.” Every circle has a theme discussing relevant topics that ultimately result in an eye-opening transformation and release of something you no longer need to hold on to. The circle is also a forum to practice your intuitive abilities. You will be validated and appreciated for the extraordinary woman you have become!

We combine meditation and setting a powerful intent with rattling or drumming to recharge your batteries while bringing the spirit into alignment.  You are invited to receive the unconditional love from the other women with grace.  The connection that is made between total strangers is immediate, profound and complete at the end of each session.

Interested in hosting a circle in your home or business? Contact us as Leslie@LeslieKarenHammond.com  I guarantee it will be one of the most enriching evenings you’ve ever had.  Upcoming Dancing Spirit Women’s Circles:

  • Nov 30, 2017, New London, CT
  • Sept 21, 2017, New London, CT ***Special date***
  • Aug 31, 2017, New London, CT
  • July 27, 2017, New London, CT
  • June 29, 2017, New London, CT
  • May 25, 2017, New London, CT
  • Apr 27, 2017, New London, CT
  • Mar 30, 2017, New London, CT
  • Feb 23, 2017, New London, CT
  • Jan 26, 2017, New London, CT
  • Dec 29, 2016, New London, CT
  • Nov 28, New Haven, CT
  • Nov 6, Montclair, NJ
  • Oct 28, New London, CT
  • Oct 26, New London, CT
  • Oct 18 ONLINE Circle
  • Oct 7, Montclair, NJ
  • Sept 30, New London, CT
  • Sept 29 ONLINE Circle
  • Sept 28, New London, CT
  • Sept 12 Philadelphia, PA
  • Sept 8  Santa Fe, NM
  • Sept 3  Santa Fe, NM
  • August 31  ONLINE Circle
  • August 11 Denver, CO
  • August 10 Old La Veta Pass, CO
  • August 2 New London, CT


What Women Are Saying:

The longer you hold onto what no longer serves you, the more you invite exhaustion and depletion.

Here’s what some women are saying about their breakthroughs in this intuitive community:

“Leslie’s circle allowed me to have an amazing breakthrough that rocked me to the core.  She has a gentle and compassionate way to help you dig deep and emerge with the best part of yourself.” 

“A deeply spiritual heart/soul connection!”

“The power of gathering in this sacred circle has brought me clarity on what I will no longer tolerate!”

“In the past, I’ve resisted all things spiritual. I found this circle to be engaging, nourishing and a powerful next step in my leadership journey. I recommend any leader to experience this circle!”

“POWERFUL, eye opening, best healing ever!”

“My vulnerability was transformed into power!”

“I have reclaimed my power in a BIG way!”

“I finally feel free of my fear.”

“The power of this circle works throughout the month!”

“A lovely experience of women connecting, the magic of drumming and Leslie’s healing intention. Such a gift!”

Whether it’s clearing negativity from your life, starting the book you’ve been procrastinating about, honoring where you are so you can get moving again or increasing the traffic to your business – this circle will give you clarity and so much more. Interested in attending? Let me know & I’ll send you the details!  Leslie@LeslieKarenHammond.com



Hello Light Giver,

I came to the Women’s Circle to replenish my energy and gain further insight on which direction I should be taking next. What I left with after the circle was much, much more than that. I have this overwhelming sense of all the sources of power around me. I am enjoying this space of tranquility and light and understanding. Thank you for all you do, Leslie!

Eileen Williams, CT

President of Photizo Consulting Inc


I had the opportunity to meet an amazing woman named Leslie Karen Hammond. She is an author of 3 very empowering books and a Native American Shaman. In the short time that I spent with her and the circle of women, she was able to teach/enlighten me on some very important things about myself and others.

If you feel like you are in some kind of state of feeling lost/confused or down trodden, going through some kind of transition, or feeling this sense of isolation from people around you or loved ones, do yourself a favor and go online and buy one of her books or better yet meet this woman.

Take the time to learn more about yourself, letting go of your own expectations for you or friends and family and your expectations of your personal journey.

Ashley Mullen, NY

Sales Consultant, NY Life & Mainstay Investments


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