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Got Friction?

Do you view friction as an invitation to grow or do you run the other way? If you’re inspired to embrace the discomfort of doing anything for the sake of personal development (that you’d rather not) for just a few moments by the end of reading this, my mission is accomplished. Irritation can be one of your greatest teachers once you master how to work with it. Read More

Managing Expectations

For many of you, the anticipation of a bountiful harvest from the fruit of your labor propels you forward in much if not all you do. How prepared are you to handle a situation when things don’t go as expected?  Read More

What You Missed In The Fine Print

If you’re a visionary, a spiritually-driven entrepreneur or a light worker – THANK YOU for bringing your expertise into the world. It’s not easy being at the forefront of change. If you strive to influence the well-being of humanity, you may get swept up in the romance of “change” not thinking about how it will directly impact you.  Read More…

Mistake or Precision?

Have you ever reflected on a situation and silently thought, “That was a mistake?” Maybe it was a date gone wrong or a simply bad timing. What if the mistake felt larger than life, such as a job or a failed marriage? Read more…

How To Stay Focused on Your 2017 Plan

For starters, stop using the terms goal and resolution.

I stopped making resolutions years ago because I could never keep them. My New Year’s declarations failed due to a lack of inspiration long after the enthusiasm wore off. The outcome became driven by fear of failure, not encouragement to succeed.

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Are We Born This Way?

The fear of public speaking hits people so intensely because it’s a throwback to standing in front of the classroom delivering a report. Many were ridiculed and not rescued. No one received any training, the teachers threw you to the wolves and insisted you stand in front of the class and speak.  Read More…

How To Move From Reactive To Proactive

To quote Robert Frost, “The only way out is through.”

It’s easier to take the perpetual detour around confrontation than run head first into it. Who needs the added stress? Who has the bandwidth to put something else on their plate with a schedule already busting at the seams? Considering we may not know each other, I’ll venture to say that you do. And here’s why.  Read more…


Want More Speaking Gigs?  Be Prepared!

Vacations are a mix of rest and business for me. When I travel most any distance, I like to explore the networking opportunities in the area. On a trip to New Mexico, that paid off handsomely.

Being in the right place at the right time and having a speech in my back pocket got me two speaking opportunities at the University of NW, Anderson School of Management.  Read More…

How To Be A Better Person

Have you ever been in a relationship and felt your partner helps you be a better person? It’s an incredible feeling. But how do you maintain that desire to be better after the honeymoon is over or when you are no longer in a relationship?

Here Are 5 Easy Tips To Be A Better Person:  

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Graciously Receiving

Showing Up

Motivation vs. Inspiration